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There are a number of reasons why it is important to have information about the use of our valued rivers available, proving how communities are truly benefiting from paddle sports, establishing cleanliness of rivers, and of course to defend our rivers against hydro schemes like the one proposed for The Fairy Glen on the River Conwy in Wales amongst many other reasons, with the data collected we are able to build a picture of how paddle sports are helping the local communities, and how much these rivers are truly used and valued by our community.

Data gathered will be grouped in to areas which will allow us to build a picture of how paddle sports are helping local economies and how the sports are developing, naturally it will be hard to create a clear picture initially but over time with more users it will become possible to do so, please use it to log every paddle you complete.

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Recent Paddle Log

River Member Date Level
River AvonIan Williams20/10/2017 15:06Medium/High
Conwy (The Fairy...)Martin Linford10/12/2016 12:00Medium
AweGrant Dolier21/09/2016 11:00Medium/Low
Glaslyn (Llyn Dinas...)geraint21/11/2015 11:00Low (0.69)
Conwy (The Fairy...)Joshua Brewer-Smith12/11/2015 07:20Medium (1.60)
VechtMichiel Meeuwissen01/07/2015 09:52
ConwyMega Swimmer20/05/2015 07:30Low
ConwyMega Swimmer18/05/2015 17:00Medium (1.40)
MawddachMega Swimmer18/05/2015 10:00Medium (0.92)
Sawdde (Llwynfroon...)Matthew Ellis06/05/2015 13:00Low (0.47)
Sawdde (Llwynfroon...)Alexander Valderhaug06/05/2015 13:00Low
Sawdde (Llwynfroon...)Manvir Malhi06/05/2015 13:00Low
Etivegeraint05/04/2015 10:00Medium/Low
EtiveLiam05/04/2015 10:00Medium/Low
EtiveEdward Bradshaw05/04/2015 10:00Medium/Low
EtiveEd Bradshaw05/04/2015 10:00Medium/Low
EtiveTom Stephens05/04/2015 10:00Medium/Low
EtiveNick05/04/2015 10:00Medium/Low
EtiveMimi Brown05/04/2015 10:00Medium/Low
EtiveAlexander Valderhaug05/04/2015 10:00Medium/Low


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